2 became 5

I've been photographing Robyn & Dustin for years now...I shot their wedding and then when the two of them became three, I was there for thatand here we are today with a family of five! It's been so fun getting to see how different each of the kids are over time. They're becoming the kindest & most thoughtful people which isn't surprising considering who their parents are. You can see when they're with one another that they truly care about the other and when they're bribed with snacks (smiles don't always come free!), they offer you some in return.

The way I approach family photography isn't completely about laughs and poses. I love the messiness and the real moments that make families...families. There are so many dynamics that vary dramatically from one to the other and I think it's important to document the moments between the pretty moments because at the end of the day...or in 5, 10, 20 years, THOSE are the moments you'll smile about.