Jenna + Vinny: A Bald Head Island Elopement

I'm not sure where to start with this post because I'll simply end up rambling about how much I love this wedding and how fortunate I feel to this day to have been included in Jenna & Vinny's elopement. So, I'll keep it short. From the moment I arrived on the golf cart (cars aren't allowed in this tropical paradise), the entire family reached out and made me an honorary family member for the day. There aren't really words to describe that feeling other than it fills you up so much with love for people that you've never met until this moment. These are my people.

Jenna & Vinny chose the cutest church in the entire world to be married in front of and then we rode around in their Rolls Royce golf cart...yes, that's a real thing! haha. Jenna wore the prettiest dress from J. Crew with scalloped lace & Vinny kept their absent pups close by having their names put on his cufflinks.  You could hear the cicadas in the evening in the dense Summer air...the sound of Summer and the humidity left a light layer of ocean air on your skin. I remember every wedding I've photographed, but I'll always have a special place for this one. Enjoy! xoxoKatie