Destination: rome & the amalfi coast

I've finally been able to sit down & sort through our photos from our last trip to Italy and all I can think is how much I want to go back. This is the trip that Naz proposed under two massive trees in the Villa Borghese eating sfogliatelle (my favorite!) and the wine we took from the flight haha. It was perfect!

We started off in Rome for several days simply wandering for miles and eating (you have to balance out the exercise, right?) I think we could map out the city just based on where we ate. The BEST gelato in Rome is on the tiny island across from the oldest hospital, called Antico Caffe Dell'Isola . Make sure you get the lemon basil...incredible-especially on a hot day. Also, the best meal we had was at Pianostrada which was affordable and so flavorful. I still dream of their 4 inch high olive oil soaked focaccia. If you're looking for an authentic cooking class then I HIGHLY recommend taking one from Daniela's Cooking School . We took one several years ago and it was hands down one of the best experiences. We made five courses during our class was almost 6 hours long in her home. We made friends & ate everything together at the end of the class...can't wait to do that again.

After Rome, we took a train to Salerno and then a bus to the town we were staying in on the Amalfi Coast, Ravello. At the time, we didn't know that you could take a boat to Amalfi (and then a bus to our town). Save yourself some nausea and take the boat! I always say that Como is the most magical place we've been to but Ravello ranks up there as well. It's the highest sitting town along the coast and you'll see, below, the views are unbelievable. We hiked miles to the other towns and explored through fig & olive tree covered paths. One of my all time favorite memories is when Naz & I were about to start down another path and an older couple with large buckets motioned us to come over. They were locking up their gates to their fig orchard, didn't speak english, and they handed us the most amazing figs that we've ever tasted. They were the size of small lemons, were warm, fuchsia inside, and tasted of rich wine. I will never forget that! The beaches are lined with colorful umbrellas with golden bodies that have seen years of sun. I was stared at because I am SO white! haha. I could go on & on so if anyone has ANY questions, always feel free to ask!

The photos below are a combination of iphone & disposable cameras. After years of slugging heavy gear on vacations & foreign destinations, I wanted to feel much lighter and be able to enjoy the trip. I love the nostalgic vibe and colors that the plastic cameras were able to get!

Ciao! xoxoKatie